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Shopping is always more than just buying, its knowing more about the product, spending time with family and friends, exploring choices in color and design, asking for extra discount, seeking opinion and discovering the perfect one !

ShopOut brings the joy of LIVE shopping to your phone

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What categories of products are there ?

ShopOut brings all Cosmetics & Care products for your beauty & well being. We cover the following product groups - Lips, face & eyes, Serums, Masks, Creams & Haircare.

Are the brands good & trustable?

Brand partners of ShopOut are all reputed businesses based out of India servicing customers for many years through multiple channels. Most importantly ShopOut Beauty Advisors evaluate & test the product before sharing them LIVE. However individuals might have specific health & skin conditions which might not make a certain product suitable to them. We advise them to exercise caution before buying any product.

How do I join the event?

Its very simple, open the app or the weblink, browse through the list of events, click for a detailed description and click on Register Now. We will remind you of the event before it goes LIVE. Just come back to the app or weblink and click on Join Now

What if I miss the event?

All our LIVE events are for a period of 1 hour. In case for some reason you can't join the event, you have two options available.

First - the same LIVE event remains open for purchase after the end of the event, though the host will not be available

Second - You can view previous events by clicking here, and go through the recorded video with an option to avail the offer

Can I buy it before or after the event?

Yes, both options are available. you can buy from the time of registrations till the event goes LIVE, during the event and after it as well.

What are the payment options?

We support all payment options - bank, credit card, UPI etc. We do not have COD option.

What is the delivery time ?

Delivery time is typically 4-5 working days. We share tracking link after dispatch of the order


Connect with Face Expert Dr Maria

Share all your queries wrt skin, hair and receive best advice about - acnes, skin pigmentation, wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, hair loss, hair fall.
Participation is free of charge

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